Mid-asian ibex & Marco Polo Hunts in Kyrgyzstan

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Hunting in Kyrgyzstan with our support.
Marco Polo sheep is a subspecies of sheep and particularly known for its long horns. The hunt for Marco Polo is considered the most exclusive hunting experience today. Argali and ibex inhabits in Tyan-Shan Mountains with located in Central Asia and are formed by the junction of the Tyan-Shan, Karakoran, Kunlun and Hindu Kush ranges. They are among the world's highest mountains. Ragozin Worldwide Hunting Ltd. offers you fascinating mountain hunting for Marco Polo sheep & ibex in Issykul area of Tyan-Shan, and different Kyrgyzstan areas.
The hunting is leading by our PH and team of real local hunters.
Hunting season starts from early September until the end of March. There is no hunting in December as the rut is on at this time
Base camp is located 3500 meters above sea level. The hunting terrain can stretch up to 4200meters above sea level. Each hunter will have his/hers own guide and will be horseback riding into the hunting area. The hunt is made on a foot and its very strained, so its requires from the hunter a good health condition and thorough training.
A long range shooting, up to 400 meters is usual for Marco Polo sheep hunt Number of hunters: 1-2, maximum 3 persons. In case of arrival more then one hunter, hunting always passes in different directions.
Climatic conditions: The weather is unpredictable during the hunting period.
From -20C (-10F) to10C (50F) in early fall and late spring. The coldest months are January and February. Marco Polo 55`
Windy conditions.
Tour duration: 10 days
Day 1-2-departure from Moscow to Bishkek, hunting camp
Day3-9 hunting, rest
Day 10-departure from hunting camp, arrival to Moscow.
PRICE from Bishkek
9-day trip, 7-day hunt, 1x1, including one Marco Polo sheep - USD 22000;
including one Ibex trophy USD 6.500;
including one Marco Polo + Ibex - USD 24000;
Refund if no opportunity for Ibex USD 3.000
Wounded and lost animal no refund!
Non-hunter fee USD 2.500
Additional trophy fee:
Ibex - USD 3.500
Yak - USD 3500
Service includes: airport service on arrival/depart in airports of Moscow and Bishkek
- auto transfer to the camp and back;
- booking for air tickets and hotel rooms for the tour;
- jeep and horse during the hunt;
- full service on the hunt, guiding 1/1;
- guides, cook and helpers in hunting camp;
- interpreter;
- all documents needed for a hunt;
- accommodation and meals in hunting camp;
- alcohol and soft drinks;
- field trophy preparation and packing
Rent of the rifle ( Weatherby MarkV 300 WinMag with Leupold Mark4 M1 rifle scope ) and ammo is available Residing cost for accompanying person/ non-hunter is Euro 150 a day.
What is necessary for booking the hunting tour: To send the application 60 days prior to beginning a hunting tour, copy of the passport, mark of a rifle (caliber, factory number),number of ammo (50 units is enough)
Payment: 50% for booking the hunting tour, remained 50% in the day of departure for the hunt Additional opportunities The hunter has an opportunity to get other additional trophies during the hunt for additional cost.
The wounded and not founded trophy is 100% cost.
We notify, there is an establishment of rigid quotas on purchase of permits that's why it is necessary to order argali or ibex hunt in advance (not less than 90 days prior to beginning a hunting tour) the number of permits is limited and can be completely chosen before the beginning of the hunting season.
Many details of ibex hunting were not included into given description; they depend on the hunter needs and can be coordinated during the order of the hunting tour.
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