International Professional Hunters’ Association
Safari Club International
   Grand Slam & Ovis

hunting eqipment camp&helicopter
Travel Checklist
for Tur, Ram & Ibex

RIFLE&AMMO: There is no necessity to take with itself. We have perfect rifles .300 Win.Mag., .300 Wby.Mag., .300RUM., .30-378 Wby.Mag. with optics 3,5 – 10x, 3 – 12x, 4 – 16x.
OPTICS: Binoculars 10-12x; Rangefinder.
PAPERS: Passport & Visa; Airline tickets & Itinerary; Insurance; Cash & Cards (NO TRAVELLER CHECKS!); CITES (for Marco Polo Argali hunt); List of addresses & phone numbers in your country and hunting destination, your taxidermy address; Diary & Pen; Anything to read; Maps.
CLOTHES: Mountain boots - NOT NEW! - 1-2 pair; Camp shoes; Gore-Tex Gaiters; Hunting pants -2 pairs; Hunting long-sleeved shirts -2 pieces; Underwear - 3-4 pairs; Rain wear (for Tur hunt); Jacket with hood; White camo (for Marco Polo and Ibex hunts); Sweater - 1-2 pieces; Thermal top, long-sleeved; T-Shirts - 3-4 pieces; Gloves - 2 pairs (1 warm, or mittens); Wool cap; Cap with ear-flaps (from October); Hunting cap; Scarf or neck warmer; Leather belt or suspenders; Socks, light and warm or thermo socks; Handkerchiefs.
MISCELLANEOUS: Sleeping bag (Marco Polo and Ibex hunt - for minus 4o F/ minus 20oC; Tur - for minus 14o F/ minus 10oC); Pad for sleeping (body size) and seating; Lip balm & Sunblock; Walking sticks; Blister pads; Thermos, 1 liter; Medications - for your needs; DIOMAX (up to your doctor recommendation, for Marco Polo and Ibex hunts); Scotch tape; Zip-lock bags; Camera (photo-, video-); Films, tapes, memory cards; Flashlight; Satellite phone; Player or radio; Batteries (EXTRA!) & Accumulators & Chargers (220v or adapter); Solar charger; Sunglasses;

PLEASE NOTE: No jewelry!
Put your audio-, video- and photo- gear in your carry-on bag